let’s break it down

There’s an event in our lives that caused a negative emotional response.

for example, we got betrayed by a person we loved so much and this caused a negative emotional response in our mind, we feel hopeless, depressed and life feels out of track.

This emotion leads to energy changes in the body.

Our body starts responding to our negative mindset, we feel lazy, stay in bed all day, do nothing, feel heavy in heart and hopeless in head and it keeps happening for days and every experience of ours turn into a memory.

Now this negative memory we had, will turn into a trauma. We keep pushing down these negative emotions down and down. We try to avoid them. The repressed emotions as the new energy our body adapted will be stored in our nervous systems, our cells and Immune system. We make decisions based on this negative mindset made up of negative emotions.

It doesn’t take much effort to figure out where in your body you are storing pain. You feel it. It’s in your chest, your stomach, your shoulders, whatever is bothering you.⁣

Every emotion we have is felt by the body in the form of energy.⁣

Emotions are physical experiences. We flush our bodies of everything, and regularly so. We defecate, we sweat, we cry, we literally shed our entire skin once a month. Feelings are no different, they are experiences that must likewise be released.⁣

Emotions, when not felt, become embodied. They become literally stuck in your body. This is because they have something called a motor component, which means that the minute they begin — before you can suppress or ignore them — they create a micro-muscular activation. Our bodies respond instantaneously.⁣

Let’s try something new.
Stop meditating to feel calm, start meditating to feel rage. I know that this goes against everything you’ve ever heard about meditation. But it is actually the point of meditation. If you sit down for a 10-minute session and try to force yourself to be relaxed and light, you are effectively doing the exact same type of suppression that likely gave you the need to meditate in the first place.⁣
Instead, the point of meditation is to sit idly as you experience all of those feelings come up, the rage, the fear, the sadness, the overwhelming mind chatter… and in spite of how alluring or triggering it may be, you learn to stay still, and not respond to it. You learn to allow these thoughts and feelings to come up, and then pass, by virtue of you not reacting to them.⁣

This takes practice.⁣
Use breathwork to find residual tension in the body.

Building a spiritual ecosystem 🧠 🌏 🌱 ✨